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General Name:
PE : Polyethylene ,
PE Coating Weight: 1square meter coated PE film weight, 12---20 gsm,
PE Coated Paper Weight: 1square meter paper weight + PE Coating Weight , 150 gsm ----600gsm.
Paper Cup Sizes: We call 9oz cups, 12oz cups, 16oz cups, 20oz cup(bowls),So the cup's size mean the capacity of the cups
OZ : Ounce . It is a weight unit. 1oz = 28.34 g , that means 1oz equal 28.34 ml water weight(1oz capacity is 28.34ml).
So 9oz cups means that the filling water of the cups weight is about 250g (the capacity of 9oz cup is about 250ml).
Today, there are not any standard sizes of the cups, different country, different company the sizes are different.
Paper Cup : In China, the size from 3oz to 18oz, we call them paper cups,
Paper Bowl : the sizes from 20oz to 60oz (the paper bowls' bottom is wider than paper cup's)
Paper Bucket, the sizes from 60oz to 200oz (the super paper cups, the bottom is widest than Paper cup's)
Raw material:
Two type Paper: Single Side PE Coated Paper and Double Sides PE Coated Paper,
Single Side PE Coated Paper : also call One side PE Coated Paper , means: only one side of the paper are coated with PE film,
Double Sides PE Coated Paper = Two sides PE Coated Paper: means: both sides of the paper are coated with PE film.
Paper Cups' Type:
Single Side PE Paper Cups : the paper cups maken using single PE coated paper .only inside of the cups are coated with PE film, this type paper cups are only suitable for hot drinks(coffee cups, tea cups), ice-cream cups,
Double Sides PE Paper Cups : maken using double PE coated paper. both sides of the cups are coated with PE film. This type paper cups are widely used , suitable for all kinds of drinks(hot and cold), ice-cream, beer, cola beverage
Note: When the cold drinks and beer and beverages(coke) are filling into single PE coated paper cups, the liquid will slowly permeate out from the sealing-part . So to filling beverage and beers ,best use double side PE coated paper cups.

Recommend Paper Weight:
Making single PE paper cups, can use the paper from 150gsm to 400gsm , best use 180gsm to 320gsm;
Making Double PE paper cups, can use paper from 180gsm to 400 gsm, best use 190gsm to 320gsm;
Making Paper bowls, paper is from 200gsm to 500gsm ,best use 250gsm to 380gsm;
Making Paper Buckets, Paper from 350 gsm to 600gsm ,best use 400gsm to 550gsm;
However the paper weight choosing by the cups' usage, aslo the customers benefit....